GMA-7’s ‘Karelasyon’ tells the story of conjoined twins who developed feelings for the same woman

Ever heard of the phrase, “Walang talo talo”? Most probably, you have. It’s a golden rule among friends and siblings to not develop feelings towards the same person. In fact, the 2004 chick flick “Mean Girls” mentioned that even the ex-lovers of your pal should be off-limits because that’s the unspoken rule. Meanwhile, the recent episode of GMA-7’s “Karelasyon” narrated the story of twins having feelings for the same girl.

The worst part? They were conjoined.

The chapter was headlined by Derrick Monasterio, Jeric Gonzales, Lauren Young, and Sharmaine Arnaiz. Based on a true story, the story revolved around a family and a girl whose livelihood was made at a funfair.

In the episode, it was revealed that AJ and DJ’s (Derrick and Jeric, respectively) father who dumped them was an American. Lauren, who portrayed the role of Rachelle, was discovered by the conjoined twins outside a house of ill-repute. She was taken home by the two. Later on, she explained that she was scammed by her own aunt by telling her that a nanny job was waiting for her in Manila. Unfortunately, she was brought to the house of ill-repute instead.

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The story went on and AJ was the first one to develop an infatuation to Rachelle. But not long after, due to the constant hanging out of the three, DJ also fell for the lady. This resulted in a squabble between the twins, prompting their mother to ask Rachelle to leave.

If you’re wondering what happens in the rest of the story, watch the video below.

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