Meet the love of Jay Manalo’s life, the beautiful Raizza Manalo

Seasoned actor Jay Manalo may have a “bad boy” image in the past but he is now a changed man, a loving husband, and a doting father of four in the present. In previous interviews, Jay admitted that he has 11 kids with his six ex-girlfriends but he has already mellowed out. Now, he’s happily settled with his wife — Anna Raizza Austra-Manalo.

For more than fifteen years of marriage, Jay has consistently shown how sweet and romantic he is towards Raizza. In one of his Instagram posts, he expressed how much he loves his wife by writing a sweet caption that reads:

“Nag-iisang ikaw… at wala ng iba Mama. Buong buhay ko laan ko lang para sayo, kahit tayo ay matanda na.”

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Recently, photos of Raizza surfaced online and became a trending topic among netizens. As expected, her gorgeous face caught the attention of the netizens and made a buzz on social media.

As we all know, Jay Manalo became a household name among Filipinos because of his uncanny ability to portray characters with a mean streak. That is why he usually plays villain roles in movies and television shows. Sometimes people believe that in real life, Jay is exactly like the villains he portrays onscreen. But if you ask his wife, Jay is less like his “kontrabida” roles and more like a leading man for her.

Moreover, despite being burdened with a busy and hectic work schedule, Jay always finds time to relax and spend some quality time with his family. Browsing through his Instagram account, we can find snaps of them eating out, going on adventures, and genuinely having fun. This proves how happy he is presently as a husband and a father.

With that, it’s safe to say that Jay may have had a failed relationship with his six ex-girlfriends but he has surely found forever in Raizzas’s loving arms.

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