Taiwanese model shares ‘consistency’ is key to achieve her voluptuous figure

Slim is out, curvy is in. And this pacesetting Taiwanese model should be on your #fitspiration list.

Meet Jessica, a model from the neighboring Asian country, whose voluptuous body is enough to set your mobile and computer screens afire. Tons of women nowadays are doing necessary intensive workouts and drinking loads of mass gainer to speed up achieving Jessica’s figure type. Because who wouldn’t want to have her frame? She has the perfect buns and frontal assets, and her “thicc” legs are worth drooling over.

Not only that, but Jessica also has an alluring face. If she isn’t the epitome of perfection, then what is?

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And how does this curvy model achieves her frame? Well, scrolling through her Instagram page “jessicababyfat,” it is certain that she works out. In one of her snippets, she shared:

“You won’t love the workout, but you’ll always love the result.”

Additionally, Jessica advised aspirants through her inspiring caption:

“You don’t have to be extreme, just [be] consistent.”

You read that right. So, if it so happens that you want to obtain the same voluptuous physique as Jessica, you better quit lazing around, get up, and hit the gym. Or you can actually do exercises inside the comfort of your own home, regularly, because consistency goes a long way.

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Source: TNP

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