Alex Gonzaga scolds Julia Barretto on video

A video of Alex Gonzaga scolding Julia Barretto is now making rounds online, thanks to the Youtube channel Balitang Artista.

For those of you who might be wondering, no, the two did not have a real fight. Rather, Alex was just being her usual playful self, which was why she ended up ‘scolding’ Julia. The reason? The padding of the latter’s dress was caught on camera.

The short clip shows Julia Barretto posing for the camera with a friend while they were in Alex’s dressing room. Working her outfit, the young Barretto raised her arms in an attempt to make a funny slash sexy pose. Because of this, part of the padding of her undergarment became visible, prompting Alex to call her out.

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The comedienne and TV host can be heard saying, “Oy nakita ‘yung ano mo, chumichismis. Ipagmalaki mo pa… Palaman mo.”

This elicited laughter from Julia and the other people in Alex’s dressing room.

Alex Gonzaga is the younger sister of the Kapamilya celebrity Toni Gonzaga. She is a TV host, singer, actress, and author. Alex first shot to fame in 2006 when she appeared in ABS-CBN’s now-defunct sitcom “Let’s Go”. Now, the Kapamilya star is hosting a number of shows for her network.

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Source: Philnews

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