Maine Mendoza has a ‘long-lost twin’ who looks exactly like her!

You probably wouldn’t believe us if we told you that we found Dubsmash Queen Maine Mendoza’s ‘long-lost twin’ slash doppelganger. With all these articles about celebrity look-alikes popping up on social media here and there, netizens find themselves hard-pressed to believe them. This is why we collected photos to prove to you that we have, indeed, found Yaya Dub’s doppelganger! Meet Samantha Cleofas, a 22-year-old student from the University of the East!

According to an article which originally published by the FHM website last 2016, Samantha was taking up AB Broadcasting in UE Recto. You can look all you want, but your eyes are not fooling you – that is NOT Maine!

‘Sammy’ was also a student journalist for her school’s online publication. Like her Kapuso look-a-like, the young lady loves making goofy and wacky faces for the camera. In fact, she’s even sporting a full fringe, making herself practically indistinguishable from Yaya Dub!

A quick look at her photos tells us that this kolehiyala also loves fashion. Seriously, she even dresses like Maine!

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While she hasn’t responded to the pabebe-wave request by the FHM team, we have a feeling that Samantha was born to be a Phenomenal Star, just like Maine.

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Source: FHM

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