Here’s a list of all the women that Richard Gutierrez has been involved with!

Have you ever wondered how many women Richard Gutierrez dated in the past? Well, for those of you who care, the website Pilipino Hub put up a list of all his ‘exes’!

1.Angel Locsin
Richard and Angel were on-screen partners when they were both still with the Kapuso network. While the two had a long history considering that they worked together on a lot of projects, they are now really just good friends.

2.Marian Rivera
Calm down, DongYan fans. Marian may have played as Richard’s partner in two movies, but it still remains unclear if they ever got romantically involved in real life.

3.Ehra Madrigal
Like Marian, Ehra worked with Richard on a number of projects. However, it also remains unconfirmed if they even became an item.

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4.Michelle Madrigal
Yes, the sister of Ehra. Gasp! Well, she was Richard’s leading lady in the now-defunct GMA show “Love and Lies” in 2013. Just like the last two women mentioned, their relationship was unclear, if there was any.

5.Georgina Wilson
Finally! Someone who was known to have really dated Richard! Model and style icon Georgina Wilson was romantically involved with Richard until 2007.

6. Anne Curtis
The relationship of Anne and Richard were short-lived – the two only dated for less than a year, and that was way back in 2004.

7.Sarah Lahbati
Not an ex, but THE ONE. Now Richard’s fiancée, Sarah is the mother of Richard’s son Zion. The beautiful couple have been happily together since 2012, and are now about to tie the knot!

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Source: Pilipinohub

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