Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino, accidentally hit a car!

An Instagram video of Angelica Panganiban together with her ex and on-screen partner Carlo Aquino went viral when they accidentally hit a car.

On the video posted by Angelica, Carlo Aquino is talking to a guy outside of their car.

Angelica: “Meron po siyang problema.”

Carlo Aquino can be seen going back  to their car to settle the said incident by paying the guy’s car that they accidentally hit.

Angelica: “Anong ginawa mo?”

Carlo: “Magbabayad lang ako, sandali.”

No one gets hurt on the said incident and both of the said actors are okay.

Many fans got “kilig” because of them being seen together very often.

We all know that these two are exes but the fans of Angelica Panganiban and  Carlo Aquino still have high hopes that the two would get back together.

Both of them were each other’s first lover but eventually broken up due to particular reasons. However, they remained to be really good friends.

After broken up to their previous and respective partners, the fans revived their love-team and a lot of people are wishing that they could bring their romance before.

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Especially now on social media wherein their recent posts show sweet photo together and some romantic video moments they spend together.

Based on the previous report Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino will be having a reunion project together on the big screen.

No one can blame fans for being crazy for the tandems comeback.

Another Instagram post of Angelica went viral, the video clip shows Angelica fixing her hair in front of a mirror when Carlo suddenly hugged her and suddenly kiss her neck.

Supporters, as expected, flooded the post with comments of how Angelica and Carlo look good together. Their fans is dying for them to end up in each other arms.

They say first love never dies.

Check it here:

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