Jessy Mendiola’s dress covered by Luis Manzano because it was too revealing!

Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano took a break from work and spend some time together.

They decided to go out of the country and spend their vacation in France.

A video uploaded shows Jessy Mendiola wearing a sexy red dress while strolling around the city of Paris with Luis Manzano.

Jessy’s dress was a little bit revealing because it shows her neckline and her cleavage so she posted a photo of her with Luis covering her chest area.

The dress was not intentionally worn by Jessy to show-off her chest area however with her bashers they reacted quickly as expected.

Luis being a responsible boyfriend of Jessy is always there to protect her from anything thing that would ruin Jessy’s reputation.

It looks like they are going to some sort of dinner date that’s why Jessy wore a dress for the occasion.

There was a photo posted on her Instagram account wearing the same dress with the caption “what to eat.”

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Luis Manzano has always been open with her relationship with Jessy and speculated that since they had their vacation in the City if Love, Luis might propose to Jessy.

Talking about marriage, Luis said that he respects Jessy’s views on it and when the right time comes he will propose and settle down with her.

Despite of them being criticized whenever they share pictures together, Luis continues to be the sweetest boyfriend to Jessy.

And while it remains unclear when exactly he plans to get down on his one knee, one thing is for certain Luis is really serious on his relationship right now.

Kapamilya TV host/actor Luis Manzano has always been known for getting back at bashers who throw shade at him and especially at his lady love, actress Jessy Mendiola.

Jessy Mendiola indeed is very lucky with Luis for having him in her side.

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