Parent disapproves son’s marriage to his girlfriend!

When do parents not approve you for his son isn’t that hurtful?

It’s more spiteful feeling when you already know that is welcome to the family of your partner is slapped into your face. This caused a lot of stress and tension because your partner wouldn’t want you to have a grudge against your future in-laws.

But sad to say, things like this happen.

Arnel Manuel went to Raffy Tulfo to complain about the girlfriend of his son because of a forceful marriage. He said that his son doesn’t want to marry her girlfriend yet because he is still finishing his training as a marine engineer.

Another thing is his son was being harassed by the parents of the girlfriend and asked to stop the training of his son just so they could get married.

Apparently, Arnel’s son was already is 23 years old, Raffy then scolded Arnel saying that his son is already old enough how to handle such problems and he doesn’t need to intrude the relationship of the two.

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On the other hand, Raffy talked to Jenny Calma the girlfriend of Arnel’s son and asked her about the problem, Jenny said that she will no longer marry Arnel’s son because she keeps on having problems about it. Jenny also added that it is his son responsibility because she got pregnant but will not force him to marry her.

Raffy furiously asked Arnel on what he will feel if Jenny was her daughter with the same situation and told him that it was Jenny’s right to be upset because of what his son did to her.

At this point, Arnel couldn’t defend his son from all the things that Jenny said.

In conclusion, Raffy disgusted with Arnel’s son being a spoiled brat and said that he is not man enough to solve his own problems.

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