Check out Jinkee Pacquiao’s Before and After Photo!

“Don’t get mad. Get beautiful.”

This tagline that launched the much-heralded media campaign of Jinkee Pacquiao as a Beauty endorser.

And because of this she also caught the attention of many, not just for being the wife of the best boxer of all time for Manny Pacquiao, but for becoming an image of affluence.

You cannot begrudge her for enjoying their wealth, after all, it’s been acquired in an honest to goodness manner.

Hop in and join the ride as we go through her comely transformation.

1. Jinkee’s “facial” transformation

Of all the things that money can buy, a beautiful face is number 1 in every woman’s list.

“Nagpa-make-over ako (sa Belo) not for Manny or the people na nag-sympathize sa akin nung nangyari ‘yung intriga (regarding Krista). I did it for myself. You should love yourself.” Jinkee confidently said.

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2. Jinkee’s “body” transformation

“Ang heaviest kong weight was close to 65 kilos (around 140 pounds) after giving birth to Princess,” Jinkee shares. “Ang laki ko talaga nun. Pati arms and legs ko lumaki.”

Jinkee underwent Smart-Lipo after her third child. She was ready to get back in shape after the surgical procedure but got pregnant again after a year.

3. Jinkee’s Fashion Sense

Jinkee’s taste in fashion – clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories had become so high end. Never mind, she can afford it.

“When he became a politician, pinagsabihan niya ko na dapat maayos palagi ang mga damit ko para walang masabi ang mga tao,” Jinkee shares. “Walang mini-skirt. Walang sexy.”

No wonder, she had graced many fashion magazines. A far cry from the Jinkee who used to work in a mall.

4. Jinkee’s Social Circle

From family and friends to the like of Paris Hilton. Whoaa!

Well, being the wife of Manny has its own unique perks – Hollywood and NBA stars become fans.

Jinkee has obviously become more desirable now even to other guys. Her makeover is something that her doctors are totally proud of.

Jinkee also shared a story, when Manny heard that someone called up Jinkee at one in the morning to ask if he could go out with her because she is a “hot momma,” the world-famous boxer was furious and he immediately sent a text message to his wife’s anonymous caller.

“Si Manny Pacquiao ‘to,” Jinkee shares the text message. “Gusto mo bang makita ang hinahanap mo? ‘Wag ka na tumawag sa asawa ko.” Apparently, that thwarted the crank caller.

Here are the other makeover Jinkee went through

A full-body liposuction of her arms, waist, hips, wings, back, thighs, upper and lower abs to bring her back to shape after her pregnancy.

Belo Diet Injections became her secret weapon for speedy weight-loss after her latest childbirth.

The anti-aging Ulthera treatment made Jinkee look like she’s only in her early 20’s. They also shaped her face to a softer, more feminine look through Botox, dermal fillers and upper blepharoplasty (laser eye bag removal), which all the more enhanced her pretty eyes.

Meanwhile, Body Tite contoured Jinkee’s body and gave it a tighter, firmer tone.

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