Check out these popular ‘FHM Cover Girls’ and their non-showbiz partners!

Many of our male readers fantasize to be with many female celebrities, much more the FHM cover girls. However, there are times thaw we have to accept the reality these goddesses are already with someone but a little bit of ray of hope these people are non-showbiz guys. So that means we still have a chance. so let’s start.

This article is about our beloved FHM cover girls and their non-showbiz partners If the there is a good thing that we could see here is a ray of hope.

Because as most of us thought, showbiz personalities only go out with their fellow celebrities but this list will prove to you that there are still some of them who have no qualms about being with someone that’s not in the spotlight.

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce

Locsin has been friends with Arce for 7 years. But it was only last October when she first opened up about their possible romance.

She explained that she’s hesitant to enter a romantic relationship with Arce because she doesn’t want to ruin their friendship.

But few days ahead of 2018 Valentine’s day, they become a couple!

Arny Ross and Franklin Banogon

“Hindi ko siya pinapabayaan. Hindi ko siya kinakalimutan. I just make sure napapasaya ko siya lagi. Nabibigyan ko siya ng time, pinaparamdam ko na hindi ako malayo na anytime she needs me, nandito ako.”

These are the tips and hacks that Franklin Banogon, longtime boyfriend of Arny Ross, can give you so that your relationship can last a lifetime or at least 10 years just like theirs.

We just try to look for his complete article about a long-term relationship so that you guys could pick a lesson or two and maybe be inspired to stick to your current partner.

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Kim Domingo and Michael Acuña

They first met at an event, Michael was just an ordinary fan back then and he approached the FHM cover girl and asked if he could have a picture with her.

Michael shared a glimpse of her “dream come true” story in his Instagram post saying that Kim is just his crush but he sums up all his guts to court her which ended up by getting Kim’s sweet yes.

Kris Bernal and Perry Choi

This love story is kinda unique because other than just inspiring each other when it comes to love, they also fuel each other’s entrepreneur side.

Chef Perry was Kris’ inspiration in putting up her own food business, Meat Kris.
She admitted in her interview with, that they’ve been together for nine months and are still going strong.

According to Kris, she’s not into short-term flings.

Definitely, many guys heart will hurt after reading that their fantasy girl is already with their respective lovers!

Lovi Poe and Chris Johnson

While Lovi Poe kept mum about the real score of her relationship with a Filipino-French guy named Chris Johnson for quite a while, the relationship of the two cannot be kept out of public’s judging eyes. one way or another they will find out. And that’s what happened.

Their sweetness and closeness started around 2016 and everything from there are now going strong.

Lovi Poe and her former so-called “Instagram buddy” are fond of doing a lot of activities together including surfing, hiking, and scuba-diving.

Poe also admitted that even if they are officially together they are not in a rush to get married.

Rhian Ramos and Jason Choachuy

Jason is Rhian’s first.

Oops don’t get too green, Rhian Ramos has never had a non-show biz boyfriend until she started going out with businessman Jason Choachuy three years ago. And one of the things the actress has realized so far is that maintaining a romantic relationship with someone from a different field is easier—“100-percent” easier, it turned out.

Valeen Montenegro and Selu Lozano


Kapuso comedienne Valeen Montenegro and her boyfriend Selu Lozano is giving their fans a glimpse of them thru Instagram post.

The last time, they gave them a sneak peek to their travel escapades in Europe.

Btw, Selu is half Pinoy and half Spanish just so you know.

Yam Concepcion and Miguel CuUnjieng

Actress Yam Concepcion has finally found her new love and inspiration in the person of Miguel CuUnjieng who is currently based in the US.

Miguel is working as a Corporate Program Manager at Ceres, Inc.

On her Instagram account, Yam expressed her excitement to be with Miguel because they are a good example of Long Distance Relationship

The two has been on for more than 3 years now. (and that’s LDR guys! can you dig that?)

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