Unbelievable transformation of a 300lbs. woman amazed people on social media!

Diet is such a painful word to here for anyone especially for us Filipinos who love to eat.

However, we have here a very inspiring story that tells us that if you want something, you are the only one who can achieve it.

Laura Micetich is a 22-year-old teacher from Tennessee who lost over 114lbs in one year by lifting heavy and going back to basics with her nutrition and eating a quality, healthy diet.

Laura knew she had to lose weight, as she wanted to be a good role model for the children in her class and started off considering weight loss surgery, but soon fell in love with the gym and now, ironically, has her transformation put with fake weight loss pill and surgery ads.

“In the first year, I shed more than 100 pounds without surgery and significantly changed my unhealthy habits. I am now health issue free and my life has changed for the better with the simple realization that what we want and what we do are completely in our own control.”

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It all sounds so simple, doesn’t it? While there are a billion techniques, fad diets, pills, nutrition plans and other methods out there, Laura’s story proves that a little discipline, hard work, and common sense can produce amazing results.

“I just adjusted my diet. I ate lots of clean foods and removed all starches and processed sugars. I stopped eating out. I stopped getting takeout. I stopped buying junk at the grocery store. I stopped having alcoholic drinks with friends. I stopped binging on crap. That was it.” She said.

Combined with the new found routine and discipline that lifting weights at the gym offered her, Laura saw the pounds begin to shed rapidly with none of excess skin that many other rapid weight loss diets tend to leave behind. What began as a weight loss journey has become a lifelong passion for Laura, and she shares her results and tips on Instagram where she has over 330,000 followers.

Laura has gained over 175,000 followers on her Instagram page, who she motivates and inspires everyday. Be sure to follow her on her social media below.

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