Son leaves his mother, his reason for leaving will break your heart.

We know that parents would do anything for the sake of their children. At the same time, children would do anything to make their parents live better. Such is the story of this mother and son who lived in a small town away from the city.

When her husband decided to leave for the big city, the mother initially did not approve of it. Seeing how this would help them financially, she finally agreed and let her husband go. Moreover, her husband promised that he will visit as much as she can.

Everything went well initially. Her husband sent her money to sustain her and their son. He called her every day. However, the money and communication with her husband slowly stopped. Desperate, the wife went out in search for her husband but to no avail.

Realizing they need a source of income, the wife decided to sell fruits at the nearby market. However, this did not give them enough money to live by.

After three years, a fancy car pulled over in front of their house. Everyone was shocked when they saw her husband get off such an expensive car. They thought that they would finally be out of poverty as he came to pick them up.

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However, instead of offering to bring them to the city, her husband asked for her to divorce him. He said that he no longer felt love for her after being separated for a long time. Furthermore, he has a new girlfriend waiting for him in the city.

When they were in court, the judge asked their son which parent he wants to stay with. He immediately replied, “I want to live with my father.” This broke his mother’s heart. She tried convincing him to stay with her through gifts, still her son wanted to leave.

After her son left, the mother became very sad. It affected her fruits business and she eventually had to close up shop. She wandered in the big city without a clue on how to find her son.

One day, a $1,000 check came in the mail. There included a letter from her son. He wrote, “You have to know the real reason I decided to stay with father. I just wanted to help you. Father always gives me money and I thought that I could send the money to you. Then, you will never have to sell fruits at the market anymore.”

The mother broke down in tears after realizing what her son did for her.

This story touched the heart of many people. Indeed, a son’s love for his mother is everlasting.

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