Jon Simms’ Mystery Hatch and Iron Basement

In 2015, Jon Sims bought a house from his friend and heard rumors about having a “mystery hatch”. In the 1960’s, Tucson, Arizona and its deserts was said to be home to nuclear warheads waiting to be deployed at any time. His friend hypothesized that previous owners of the lot may have built a fallout shelter underground for their safety.

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Wanting to confirm this, Simms started looking for the mystery hatch. He searched the local records office for leads and found a construction permit that had a rough sketch of an “underground structure”. Inspired, he started digging but got nothing at first. Nonetheless, he pushed through with his quest and got aid from specialists who had access to metal detectors. After a few more attempts, he finally discovered the entrance to his iron basement.

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Having a rescuer’s instinct as someone who worked with the first department, he did not rush to see what lied underneath for he knew the dangers of it. Instead, he again asked help from some professionals. When everything was set, he went down and discovered a metal fortress that was surprisingly in good condition. Later on, he concluded that it was never used as the nukes never deployed.

After much cleaning, Simms started the shelter’s restoration and modification. I mean who wouldn’t if you bought a house and discovered that it had THIS kind of basement? I guess we could say that when he got his house, it came with a lot. (Pun intended)

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Source: Lifedaily

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