Watch this woman’s surprising response to an ice cream vendor who played tricks on her

Everyone loves ice cream. It’s the go-to dessert for most of us, no matter how chilly the weather may be. I mean, frozen milk couldn’t sound any less good, can it? So, you must know the frustration of those ice cream lovers who get played by some vendors.

If you spend hours and hours of scrolling through Facebook and Twitter, then odds are you have encountered a couple of videos of ice cream vendors who toy with their customers. While most customers take it as a hilarious joke and laughs it all off as seen on the videos, there are some who just turn sour after being fooled by the sneaky sellers.

One of which is a woman who turned out not to be a fan of the prank. After being fooled into thinking that the vendor has handed her the dessert twice, the girl’s smile turned into a serious one. Gripping the cone firmly (for real this time), the lass raised a dirty finger on the ice cream vendor, evidently not amused with his antics.

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As of writing, the said video has garnered almost 1.8 million views and 28,000 shares.

Similarly, one kid went viral after he threw an empty cone at an ice cream vendor who was playing the same tricks. And, who can blame these people for growing impatient? Having someone snatch away your ice cream over and over again? This is exactly why we have trust issues.

Ais cream🍦😂 哈哈哈👏👏👏這女孩讚讚讚 。😂

Posted by Womenpu Yi Yang on Sunday, June 3, 2018

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