Wife disconnects to connect with husband on Facebook

Facebook, the biggest online community in the world has numerous special abilities and features that enable you to connect with anyone around the world with just a single click. From your relatives abroad all the way to the friend that you met back in kindergarten, Facebook will find and connect you to them. Though it is a really nice and advanced thing that technology has brought upon us, at times these have the capability to backfire at its users.

Facebook user Nicole Joanne Meilat expressed her feelings and reason on why she decided to unfriend her husband on Facebook. Before, she would always tag him in almost all her posts yet in return her ignored them. This led to Nicole getting angry at him because while he was ignoring her posts yet he was always seen commenting and even liking his other friends put up on social media. When she got fed up, she finally decided to unfriend him. After a few days, she admitted that not tagging him and not expecting his reactions made her feel lighter inside.

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Now they are able to communicate more in person due to the fact that her husband cannot tag her in anymore posts so he has to talk to her about them in person. According to her, their relationship was now more intimate and healthier. Who would have known that disconnecting would actually bring 2 people together?

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