Kim Chiu does her make-up in the car

It is undeniable that the life of a celebrity means a life of jam-packed schedule on almost every day. There are multiple shootings, photo shoots, guestings, live shows and other matters that they need to attend to in one month alone.

Not wanting to disappoint their fans, a lot of celebrities try their best to keep up with this busy schedule and regularly present new projects to their supporters. So, a lot of them have to think of new and creative ways to manage and utilize their time well.

PBB Teen Edition winner Kim Chui tries to be as productive as she can and maximizes her time spent in travelling by doing her own make-up while she is in the car. Everyone in the Metro knows how grueling the traffic condition can be, and we lose so much precious time stuck in the middle of the road almost every day.

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In a video posted online, Kim Chui is seen in a car with a bare face and a towel over her head as if she just came out of the shower and only had spare time to pick her outfit for the day. Not to worry however because it seems like our Kapamilya actress is an expert when it comes to doing her own look while the car is moving (or stuck in traffic)!

Kim starts off with putting on some foundation, then powder, some blush, and amazingly, her eyeliner too! And if that’s not enough to be rendered as talent for you, Kim also does her own eyebrows in the car and manages to nail that perfect “kilay is life” look.

For her hairdo, Kim neatly combed her hair and tied a small layer of the front portion towards the back which gave off a style of simplicity and freshness; and voila – she completes her look for the day!

Aside from her innovative mindset and pretty face, Kim also has that all-year-round-summer-ready-body. She posted several pictures on her Instagram account that shows her wearing a bikini by the beach or looking like a badass athletic while hanging around the balcony of a resort.

Kim sure knows how to manage her time well and maintain her good figure amidst her busy schedule!

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Source: YouTube

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