LOOK: Girls In The Life Of Willie Revillame

Wilfredo Buendia Revillame, popularly known as Willie Revillame, is a comedian, host, singer and songwriter, actor and a businessman. He started his career in show business in 1986. Through the years, a lot of women have been linked to Willie. Find out who they are!

1.Princess Punzalan- She is Willie Revillame’s first wife. Their short-lived relationship ended after five years.

2.Liz Almoro- This beauty queen captured the heart of Willie. Unfortunately, after only almost 2 years of relationship, they separated. They have a son named Juan Emmanuel.

3.Nadine Ignacio- Nadine was only 19 years old when he was linked to the comedian host. Although he said that he is comfortable with her, he denied that he courted the gal.

4.Lara Quigaman- After the rumor that Nadine and Willie broke up, the game show host was instantly linked to Lara after Willie sent her flowers and a wrist watch. The beauty queen clarified that she had nothing to do with the breakup of Willie and Nadine.

5.Mariel Rodriguez- Mariel worked with Willie Revillame for a couple of years. It is believed that this helped the actress launch her career to be one of the leading female hosts in the country.

6.Roxanne Guinoo- Roxanne was the leading lady of Willie in the movie “Mr. Housewife”. She also worked with Willie as his co-host.

7.Cristine Reyes- There were rumors about the two but Cristine denied those allegations and said that she and Willie are just friends.

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8. Ara Mina- Even the older sister of Cristine was linked to Willie. Rumors started when Willie invited her to be a part of the entourage in one of hist past shows. Ara Mina denied the rumors and said that they were longtime friends.

9.Danita Paner- She said that it became awkward when she was linked to the veteran gameshow host and said that he was only a family friend.

10.Shalani Soledad- A lot of viewers shipped Shalani and Willie when they hosted one of Willie’s past shows. He claimed that he helped her moved-on after her breakup with then president Benigno Aquino III.

11.Miriam Quiambao- She was linked to the comedian host when she received a Louis Vuitton bag from Willie. She said that it was only a “thank you gift” after she guested on one of his programs.

12.Camille Villar- Manny and Cynthia Villar’s daughter, Camille, was linked to Willie after there were rumors that they were dating. Camille denied the rumor and said that he was just a family friend.

13.Kimchi- She is one of the co-hosts of Willie on his current program.

14.Ariella Arida- she is also one of the co-hosts of Willie Revillame. He said that he invited her to be a host because of her personality.

15.Marimonte Revillame- She is the third child of Willie.

16.Meryll Soriano- She will forever be one of the important girls in Willie’s life. She is his eldest.

17.Bec-bec Soriano- She is Maricel’s sister and the mother of Meryll. She was the teenage love of Willie Revillame.

No one can deny the fact that a lot of women have been linked to the veteran gameshow host but one thing is for sure, he puts his children above everyone else.

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