This ‘Loding Pulis’ chose to do this to a mentally ill woman and everyone salute him.

The recent news of policemen getting involved in various controversies like unethically strip searching a female suspect in Makati City and the massive crackdown of “tambays”. With this news, people are starting to mistrust law enforcers and think they are crooked people.

Apparently, not all policemen are not fit in those descriptions as an unidentified policeman went viral for his kind and generous action to a woman with mental illness.

The viral Facebook post, which already accumulated 8,000 likes from netizens, shows a policeman seating and having a conversation with a woman who has mental health problems.

The policeman left for a while and came back to the benches with burgers and sodas with him. He gave the woman a soda and a burger and continued having their conservation.

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The policeman was only called by netizens as “Loding Pulis” in social media for his heartwarming treatment to people with mental illness.

Netizens also applauded “Loding Pulis” for not mistreating the woman, which is what is most expected from a policeman as based on recent news about them.

Some urged other policemen to be like “Loding Pulis” not only to people with mental illness but to all people since they are expected to be friendly to the public.

With this post, it might be true that a hero doesn’t need to wear capes. A hero only wears his genuine concern and love for other people.

PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde previous urged policemen to be good and humanistic while performing their duty. He also said that they must observe the importance of human rights at all times. It looks like this policeman is listening to his boss.

Did this policeman inspire you to do good deeds to other people? Do you think the Philippine National Police (PNP) should recognize him? Tell us in the comments section below.

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