Claudine Barretto amazes followers with transformation posts

Claudine Barretto is one of the most well-known actresses in our country. Despite being part of a family of celebrities, she has always managed to shine brighter than her other family members mainly due to her acting prowess.

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With her prime being in the late 90’s to early 2000’s, she has certainly left a mark in show business with her superb acting and hosting skills. Paired up with the late Rico Yan, they dominated the entertainment industry and made a name for themselves during those days.

Claudine’s films and TV shows were truly iconic and unforgettable, which has enabled her to remain in the hearts and minds of fans to this day. Nowadays, with the up and coming emergence of her other relatives in the scene, it’s hard not to associate them with and compare them to the one and only Claudine Barretto.

Claudine took a break from show business when she decided to focus on her responsibilities as a single mother. Due to the difficulties and challenges that she faced through the years, she was unable to take care of her health as much as she would have liked. This resulted into changes in her physical features that made her look much different from the Claudine barrette that we all knew from her heyday.

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Recently, she has been updating her followers on social media. To the surprise of many of them, she has gone through another transformation, and this time it’s for the better. She has gotten a lot of praise because it seems as if she has been working hard. Some fans even commented that she is starting to look like her old self once again.

Claudine has reportedly been working out with trainers from the Elorde Gym lately. Comments show how happy her fans are for her and are even pleading for her to go back to showbiz.

She still has a long way to go but without a doubt she is on the right track. Here’s to supporting her on her road to fitness and health!

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Source: Sunnysidemanila, Instagram

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