Japanese scuba diver made a big fish his friend

When we see a fish in the sea or being placed in a tank, all we can think about is what it’s like to be living underwater. Unlike other animals that can be owned, we don’t think a fish can be as responsive as how cats and dogs make a relationship with their owners.

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We only see how a fish communicates as a friend in cartoon films like Finding Nemo and Little Mermaid. But what we do not know is that they also have these secret characteristics that are truly amazing.

Who knew that you can make such a big impact to a sea creature? Well, this 79-year-old scuba diver named Hiroyuki Arakawa didn’t know that until he personally experienced a warm gesture from an Asian Sheepshead wrasse.

Hiroyuki gave the fish a name, Yoriko. He first met this fish when it needed him the most. The kind diver then decided to take care of it and its wounds and feed it for 10 days until it finally recovered.

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It became a routine for Hiroyuki to visit his aquatic friend when he has time. Because of this, they started having a personal call for each other where he would just ring his bell and Yoriko will always come upon hearing it.

The old man also makes a sweet gesture of kissing Yoriko’s forehead whenever they get to see each other.

It is really surprising and yet very touching to know how much of an impact we have on animals. Big or small, on the land or sea, hairy or scaly, it doesn’t matter. All animals are wonderful and people who treat them well are a blessing on this world.

Now we can say that a fish is not just another animal, it could also be someone’s friend for a lifetime, and that is something to be treasured for eternity.

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Watch the video below:

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