Unbelievable and Strange Sightings in Nature Caught on Camera

A lot of strange and unusual things, that sometimes even experts cannot explain, happen around the world all at the same time. Nature is truly strange and magical.

Natural phenomena are events that happen naturally under different conditions and factors. These occurrences take place without the interference of humans. Tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes are examples of natural phenomena that can happen caused by changes in weather, electromagnetic pulses, tectonic plate movements, and others.

Despite being an event not created by humans, there are kinds of phenomena that may affect people. But this does not mean that these are dangerous, but it will always be a good idea to take extra precautions if ever you will encounter one.

These Five Natural Phenomena Will Definitely Amaze You

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A Dark but Captivating Storm

When you look at it briefly, it looks like the clouds in the sky just turned dark to indicate a heavy rainfall. But on your second take, you will realize the eerie but striking form of the dark and seemingly heavy clouds. It can be scary, but at the same time, it makes you want to stay to see what will happen.

Trees Sucked by a River

Another unexplainable and scary phenomenon was filmed as a cluster of trees were sucked in a river. Some theories about this include a strong current or an underwater sinkhole.

Catastrophic Storm

A different unusual formation of clouds that looks like a big warning and heads-up for an incoming catastrophe. You can even make out some angry faces if you are imaginative enough.

The Great Fog Tsunami

A strange sighting that resembles a tsunami, but instead of water, it actually consists of strange fog formation. This amazing phenomenon will probably make you want to run for your life, but it’s not as dangerous as it looks for it is only made up of fog.

The Super Typhoon that Invaded Sydney

If you were to see this in real life, you would think that it is Doomsday. But sometimes, the strangest things are the ones that leaves you in awe. Matched with strikes of lightning and thunderstorm, you may appreciate its impressive exquisiteness from afar.

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