Woman Confronts Her Best Friend Who Stole Her Boyfriend

Once in a while, we will meet at least one person who will be close to us and whom we could trust. They will be the one who will be there when we are sorrowful or glad; they will be the one who will know our secrets and will understand us despite our flaws. They are our soul siblings and will love and treasure them until the end of our time.

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Now, imagine that the one person you thought you could trust your life with turns out to be the person who will betray you in a way worse than you could ever think of? What if the person you have shared your love story to turns out to be the one who would steal that love from you? This betrayal could be one of the worst things a person can receive especially from someone who one adores and love so much.

“Bes! Mahal na mahal kita bes! Bestfriend mo ako, bakit?”, these were the words of a devastated woman when she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend.

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In this viral video, a room full of people was shown. A woman was shouting and confronting her own best friend because of the apparent deeds of the latter one. Some men were there to mediate the quarrel; they were stopping both sides from physically hurting each other. During the intense fight, another man and woman were caught on the video trying to get to the guilty person. They were mad about what happened and they are evidently having a hard time controlling their anger.

During the fight, you can hear the woman saying these to the guilty one, “Napakalandi mo. ******** mo, pinatulan mo pa rin! Alam na alam mo na mahal ko si Alvin pero ******* mo, bumukaka ka sa kanya… best friend mo, tinatalo mo. Kung sino ang totoong tao sa iyo, trinatraydor mo kaya walang tumatagal sa iyo.”

Watch the full story here:

What do you think? Have you been betrayed by your best friend before? Share your thoughts on the comment section below!

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