Kris Aquino asks everyone to pray for the most important people in her life

Kris Aquino got minimal amount of sleep in Hong Kong because she could not stop worrying about her son Joshua who is ill. According to Kris, she tried her best to keep the situation low-key, but she just couldn’t help seeing her first-born suffering anymore. It was stated that he has had the hiccups for more than 31 hours straight already, and Kris has chosen to speak up.

According to his pediatrician, Josh is set for a check-up within this month to see how he was doing. Kris expressed how grateful she is for her 2nd son Bimby, who is acting more mature and responsibly in their current situation. Because of this act, she will be able to watch over Josh more. She proudly states that the 3 of them will always be a team ready to help each other when their times of need come.

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Apparently, Josh has been suffering from stomach problems this past month and admitted that she had to put on hold first her work to focus on the 2 most important people in her life. She broke her silence and asked their supporters to pray for Josh’s speedy recovery. Kris strongly stated that she is a mother and she would always put her 2 sons above everything.

Her family’s supporters quickly responded and have both been sending prayers to the Aquino trio. Get well soon, Josh and stay strong Kris and Bimby!

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