This is How Pokwang Eats At Her Home. Unbelievable!

People like to think that being celebrity is all about being glamorous and getting the best of things. However, with social media and celebrities sharing more and more of their daily lives, we get a glimpse of just how “human” these people are.

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Case in point, comedienne Pokwang, who despite being so successful still enjoys the simple things in life. In one of her Instagram stories, she shared that she enjoy simple meals, like monggo with danggit and chicharon. She is seen eating with her mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, so instead of monggo, she was given oatmeal and fruits.

We all know that Pokwang really came from humble beginnings. Her family was poor and she even had to go to Japan so that she can provide for her family. During her time in Japan, Pokwang became an entertainer, so that’s probably why she felt so comfortable onstage. Despite having a stable income, it is also during this time that Pokwang faced one of the most challenging things to happen in her life.

She lost her son while she was overseas. She had two kids back then.

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Pokwang decided to come home and that’s when she decided to join Clown for A Million, where she was eventually declared the winner. Projects and other opportunities flooded her way. Since then she did a lot of movies, teleseryes, dabbled on both drama and comedy and made a solid mark on the entertainment industry.

Pokwang just recently gave birth to her baby Malia, who was fathered by American actor Lee O’Brian. Pokwang looks very happy with her eldest daughter Ria Mae and baby Malia. The family is complete now.

This just goes to show that despite having a rags to riches story, Pokwang doesn’t forget her roots and she didn’t revel in the glory glory that she has now. What she does is to inspire other people to dream and continue dreaming for no matter how hard life is, it’s always bound to get happier.

Watch the video below:

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