Class Suspension Turns Into Viral Photoshoot Amid Flood

Fickle climate conditions can be extremely irritating more often than not, particularly when one has effectively made arrangements for the day, just to wind up getting cancelled on as a result of unanticipated occasions. All things considered, as opposed to being down about not having the ability to accomplish all your arranged endeavors, why not take the opportunity to turn things around and appreciate the moment?

This is precisely what this young lady did which came about to her turning into a web sensation. We are referring to none other than, Elee Parente, whose post about the late announcement of class suspension has recently gone viral.

The post goes ahead about Elee’s incident of waking up early just to get to class ahead of time. Since they were encountering substantial downpours, she suspected that classes will be suspended for the day, however there was no early declaration so regardless she needed to go.

Ironically, as soon as she set foot at the school grounds, it was then declared that classes are suspended. Along these lines, Elee had no real option except to go home and literally immerse in the flooded streets on her way.

Fortunate for her, she was given permission to use the swimming pool area for free, for as long as they want. Elee at that point snatched this opportunity to have her own particular photoshoot amidst the surge and the downpour.

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The photographs she posted highlight her wearing her school uniform and even her school stockings while having the time of her life in the pool.

Numerous netizens were awed by Elee’s good faith in such a testing time. A lot of people were additionally astonished by her beauty which added to the post going viral on social media. Surely, Filipinos innately have creative methods of turning a troublesome circumstance into something that is tolerable and even transform it into a well spring of inspiration and motivation.

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