Jackie Rice Shows Some Skin with IG Photos

We all know that being in the silver screen requires a lot of maintenance. As a celebrity in a country like the Philippines, where people easily hurl insults to little imperfections, stars are pressured to keep a good face and an awesome body. This pressure is even higher when it comes to female celebrities, which is why it’s no longer unusual to see size 2 celebrities who appear like they don’t have any flabs in their bodies at all.

We see them showcase their bodies in different forms; some through movies, others through daring roles; some do fashion shows, while others merely post on their social media platforms.

The rise of technology and virtual following has rather affected the way we treat our celebrity idols. Unlike before where we only get to see them in their movies or shows, we now have an avenue to somehow stalk them on their every move.

This has become advantageous to some celebrities who would like to be consistent in their presence in the showbiz world. We all know that projects don’t always get offered to the same actors, so there are times when we won’t get to see specific actors as often. This is where social media comes to play. Celebrities use these channels to make sure their careers don’t die an early life in showbiz.

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Take for example Kapuso actress Jackie Rice. While we don’t see her as often as before, she sure knows how to make everyone notice her presence.

The actress and commercial model Jackie Rice is now taking care of her swimsuit photos. Jackie recently posted her photos taken at a popular resort in Aurora. Some of her photographs are shown in her account while wearing colorful one-piece swimsuits. The photos clearly emphasizes her striking figure and the Filipino-American blood flowing in her blood. Some captions read her hunger for summer.


The photo has gathered over several thousand likes and comments from her fans and followers.

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