Photos of this Female Pilot Became Viral on Social Media

Being a pilot is a remarkable job that requires a lot of focus and discipline for their lives and the lives of their passengers are at risk up in the sky. It is a job position that has been known to be stereotypically linked to men. Of course, women won’t take this and this lady right here has once again proven to the world that driving a plane is not a men’s exclusive job and that a woman can do it just as good and as graceful.

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Meet Huma Liaqat, a first officer of an Airbus 320 of the Pakistan International Airlines.

Huma became famous on social media when they posted photos of her as she posed for some stunning photos they made after a flight. With her clear skin, white complexion, and adorable innocent eyes, it’s kinda hard not to be mesmerized by this lady’s beauty.

According to her colleagues, Huma is more than just her looks though. She has it all, beauty and brains, and she was said to be undeniably good at her job as well.

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Acccording to reports, the year 2016 was said to be an extremely difficult year for the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). It has been reported that the airlines were linked to a number of unprecedented incidents such as air crashes and scapegoat sacrificing, which makes PIA not so popular among its clients.

However, Huma’s presence and the attention she received from social media could be the best advertising PIA could wish for especially who wouldn’t want to ride a PIA plan just to see this gorgeous lady?

One thing people should know though, Huma is actually married and she is definitely off the market. And even though she has been receiving a lot of suggestions that she must consider entering the showbiz or modelling industry, it seems like Huma is quite contented and happy with her current job.

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Source: Dailypakistan, Youtube

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