Look: guy finds mysterious hole in his garden

Someone has recently posted online and shared how he found an uncanny hole near his home. He did not understand what it was, or even what it was for, so he took some pictures and posted it online – hoping someone might answer the mystery that has been itching his mind.

According to the man who posted the photos, his house was built in 1888 and it is located in a rural town of Suffolk, England. When he dug the hole, he found that it was layers upon layers of red bricks; it revealed a four feet wide and six feet deep chamber.

Inside the hole, he found a large stone stopper and other various things such as one small metal button. The man also found a pipe that is directly going into the chamber which somehow looked like it came from the direction of the house.

Many people all over the internet were also intrigued by what he had found and commented their hunches of what might be the mysterious hole for.

Sadly, it might not have been the answers the guy was expecting, “Looks like a septic tank” said one netizen. “You’re digging in a 100 year old toilet,” said another in support to the septic tank theory. Some were much more concerned to the man’s health and said he should have thought things through before going in and started to touch the things he found.

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“Bubonic plague can still be dug up in some parts of England and Europe. Wash your hands,” said another netizen who was concerned for the guy’s health. Some guesses were pretty basic and said it was obviously a well, while others tend to go overboard and said he should stop digging before he find any bodies. One even said he should get in touch with an exorcist.

How about you? What are your thoughts about this mysterious hole and the man’s findings? Let us know by commenting below or by sharing this post!

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