Meet the woman who captured the heart of fliptop rapper Skusta Clee

Fliptop is branded version of a quintessential form of hiphop, Battle Rap. It is described as a modern-day poetry contest, wherein two rappers are pitted against each other in a freestyle battle of acapella rapping. The mechanics of a fliptop battle is simple yet challenging—the better more creative the wordplay is and the more aggressive demeaning the rebuttals are, the higher the chance of winning.

With this in mind, Fliptop has become popular in the Philippines because most people were highly entertained by the skill of the rappers. In fact, even some of the experts in the field of social studiesparticularly topic of popular culture have claimed it as a modern-day Balagtasan, wherein two poets are pitted against each other in a debate.

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Although there are people who firmly disagree with the comparison, it is worth mentioning that Fliptop battles share a similarity with Balagtasan including the on-the-spot rhyming of words and entertainment value.

Rapper Skusta Clee, arguably a recognizable figure in the Fliptop scene, immediately gained a huge amount of supporters through the help of his unmatched skill in freestyle rapping. Considered as a pioneer and one of the best out there, you can see him at almost every fliptop event available on the internet.

Apart from being a Fliptop rapper, Skusta Clee is also known as a member of the local hip-hop group, Ex-Battalion. As we all know, the undisputed Ex-Battalion gained nationwide popularity for the hit single, “Hayaan Mo Sila.”

Since then, Skusta Clee extended his fame from the underground scene to mainstream media. Even his attractive girlfriend Zeinab Harake can attest to it.

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Aside from being his girlfriend, Zeinab Harake also has the beauty that netizens are talking about. In fact, netizens are now starting to flock to her on social media.

Source: Manilaflash

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