8 celebrity relationships we thought were for real

As we all know, celebrities really get easily linked to each other since many people are quick to assume that something is going on between two famous personalities. Rumors spread like wildfire once they see even the slightest signs of their favorites being in a relationship. Of course, we cannot blame them for hoping that the couple they ship is actually sailing! However, their bubbles burst after knowing that their favorite pairs are just good friends.

Here is the list of celebrity relationships we actually thought were for real:

1. Kyline Alcantara and Jeric Gonzales

The two young stars are part of GMA’s hit series “Kambal Karibal”. Their dating rumors probably rooted from when Kyline Alcantara started featuring Jeric Gonzales in the covers songs she does on her Youtube channel. It seems like a lot fans are seeing their overflowing chemistry when the two are performs together. Although they are not dating, Kyline and Jeric are best buddies.

2. Mikee Quintos and Andre Paras

Way back, fans got their hopes up after Mikee Quintos and Andre Pares were spotted dating in America. However, in a press conference they held for “Sirkus”, the two clarified that they really had a date but it was a friendly one. During that time, it just happened that both of their families were in California so they went out for a harmless stroll.

3. Sue Ramirez and Maris Racal

Many waved their rainbow flags after lesbian relationship of Sue Ramirez and Maris Racal sparked. The girls look very close to each other as evidently seen on their social media posts. Things escalated quickly when Maris used a rainbow emoji on a photo with Sue. Fully aware of what this connotes, people from LGBTQ poured out support for the two. Maris cleared out all the speculations after answering a fan’s question on Twitter. It turns out that she is not in a relationship with Sue.

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4. Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio

Although they are currently a loveteam, Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio are just very close friends since they have known each other for a long time. In fact, Barbie is in a one-year relationship with “Meant To Be” co-star and boyfriend Jak Roberto.

5. Alex Gonzaga and Kean Cipriano

Alex Gonzaga admitted that the kind of relationship she had with Kean Cipriano is not serious. What they had was sweet and nice but right now both have their own relationships. Kean is happily married with Kapuso actress Chynna Ortaleza while Alex is in a relationship with businessman boyfriend Mikee Moreda.

6. Marvin Agustin and Markki Stroem

People thought something special is going on with Marvin Agustin’s camaraderie with friend Markki Stroem. Both strongly denied the malicious relationship rumor around them.

7. Piolo Pascual and Mark Bautista

Mark Bautista is one of the famous personalities who recently came out as part of the LGBTQ community. In a book he wrote, he said that he had an intimate relationship with a guy friend. Netizens assumed that Mark is pertaining to Piolo Pascual but the latter’s party denied it.

8. Joyce Pring and Aaron Atayde

Joyce Pring and co-radio jock Aaron Atayde also had dating rumors since many fans have noticed their closeness. A lot were curious on what’s the real deal between them.

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These celebrities may not be each other’s boyfriends and girlfriends but one thing’s for sure: all of them are good friends.

Source: GMA

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