All of us have different views of the world. Depending on our culture, upbringing, and family values, we tend to have varying opinions on specific matters. Whether it be political, social, spiritual, or any aspect of society, debates over several issues have been sparked all over the world.

This was even heightened by the emergence of social media where people freely voice out their opinions on several matters. Another factor that aggravates the situation is the fact that on social media, people have a protective mask of anonymity.

Since conversations and engagement on social media platforms are not face to face, people are braver to speak their minds without thinking of the repercussions of their words. This is also probably the reason why the concept of paid internet trolls was born.

From political issues to celebrity controversies, no one is safe from people who are spiteful in their words. We’ve heard numerous instances of celebrities responding to their detractors just like in the case of Angelica Panganiban who floored a netizen who had not so good words for her. There’s also the controversial yet rather comic responses of Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino to several of her detractors on Instagram.

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Whether big or rising star, it’s always a point of interest for fans and followers whenever showbiz personalities respond to comments on their social media platforms. As a matter of fact, Inigo Pascual has recently created some noise when he unexpectedly responded to a netizen who had some words against him.

According to news, Inigo responded to a netizen who has been spreading some rumors about his current relationship status. The netizen claims that Inigo is not really in love with loveteam Maris Racal, as he is actually in a relationship with a certain Sam, a dancer who’s a member of the famous group G-Force.

The netizen further claimed that he knows Inigo was in Siargao just a few days ago because he followed Sam and her family there. He also shares that he is good friends with the rumored girlfriend in an attempt to solidify his allegation.

Surprisingly, Inigo took to social media what he had to say to this netizen. He directly replied to the netizen’s comment and explained that he was only in Siargao because he had a mall show there. He also clarified that Sam is not his girlfriend.

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As a famous young star, this issue about Inigo and a rumored girlfriend has been talked about by many. How about you, what’s your thought on this issue?

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