Netizens completely shocked by a Japanese bodybuilder and his epic April Fools’ Day prank

Several days have already passed since the fun times we had during April Fools’ Day. Some of us probably haven’t still moved on with the pranks that were played on us, and this includes the netizens who were fooled by Tatsuma Sugawara.

Photo Credit: instagram/tatsmas

There is no other day when you are “legally” allowed to pull any prank on your friends or families than April Fools’ Day. That’s why Tatsuma took advantage of prankster holiday to not only pull a prank on his closest friends, but to the public.

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On April 2, he put on a wig, applied some make-up, donned a knitted get-up, and completely transformed into a beautiful and enticing woman. He took pictures of himself and uploaded it on Instagram and his Twitter.

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After some while, he uploaded a video of transformed self, which only showed his dolled-up face. He definitely looked like a stunning model, but as the camera slowly panned out, his ripped body appeared. A kneeling Tatsuma was then seen in the video, and then he flexed his arms. Yup, we all thought it was indeed a girl until he flashed those guns!

The video was so perplexing and entertaining at the same time. This post garnered mixed reactions from the netizens.

The video received more than 60,000 retweets and over 113,000 likes. On Instagram, it reached over 38,000 views and more than 1,063 as of this writing.

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As per Next Shark, Tatsuma Sugawara is a member of Macho 29, a group of beefy guys who serves restaurant customers. He is also a bodybuilder who joins different fitness competitions. In fact, he has bagged the fourth place in All Japan Men’s Fitness Championship for his height division (over 176 or 5 ft 9 in) last 2015.

What are your thoughts on Tatasuma Sugawara’s April Fools’ Day prank? Would you ever date a lady with those arms? Don’t forget to drop your thoughts and insights in the comments section below!

Source: Nextshark

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