Brother of Gerald Anderson, made it to the US Navy

Just two days ago, the handsome and promising actor Gerald Anderson, posted a hashtag proud moment in his Instagram account (@andersongeraldjr). It was a photo of his brother, Ken Anderson taking an oath for the US Navy. The proud brother had it posted with the caption: “Joining the US Navy… #navy #recruitment”

In Ken’s Instagram account (@andersonken21), he shares to us all the preparations he has done for this moment to finally come to life. He makes sure that he is fit and strong enough to serve the nation. Just yesterday, he posted a photo of him in the 2016 underwater rescue diver training. He has been training himself and pushing himself to his limits for his US Navy dreams to come to life.

Gerald and Ken are both Filipino-American who grew up in the United States before their family moved in General Santos City.

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Before, Ken also tried his way in to the showbiz world. He auditioned in a reality show on TV5. But unfortunately, he did not make it to the top 16 finalists. He might not make his way through the show, yet a lot of doors had opened for him. Ken also casted in an Indie film with a title of ‘Marka’. He also appeared in a couple of TV series. After that short taste of showbiz, Ken finally decided to focus on following the footsteps of his father, Gerald Anderson Sr. His dad became his inspiration as Gerald Sr. is a retired US Navy serving as an instructor in the Subic Naval Base.

As Ken being serving officially in the US Navy, Gerald continues to be a part and to serve in the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary K9 Special Support Squadron. He entered the Coast Guard with the rank of lieutenant in 2016. The passion to serve the common people truly runs in their blood. Celebrities and servants of the country- Ken and Gerald are really good models for the youth. The flame in their heart grows as they do what they love, what makes them happy, and as they serve the common people.

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