Paulo Avelino hints at retiring from the entertainment industry soon

Paulo Avelino revealed that he was thinking of retiring in the showbiz industry soon. This is what he relayed when he was asked if his latest historical film “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral” will be the ultimate key to be a bigger celebrity.

In an interview with the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), the 30-year-old Kapamilya star also said that he will lying-low soon and that he will be taking fewer acting projects soon.

He said:

“Parang gusto ko nang mag-retire, sa totoo lang. I’ve mentioned this before, pero parang it’s nice to be recognized by a lot of people. I’m very grateful for that. I am very grateful to the people who help me rise not just as an artist but also as a celebrity.

He also expressed his gratitude to all the people who helped him in his journey towards stardom.

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“I’ll always be grateful. But it comes to a point when you get to realize na parang gusto ko nang magpahinga talaga.”

When asked about taking acting offers in the future, he revealed that he wants to make films at his own pace. He revealed that being a celebrity already took a lot of time from him.

“I think, hindi dahil sa akin, pero ang hirap na hindi ko nagagawa ang mga gusto kong gawing pelikula kesyo ganito, kesyo ganyan. Parang gusto kong gumawa ng pelikula at projects at my own pace”

“Hindi yung kailangan kong gumawa ng pelikula dahil kailangan kong gumawa ng blockbuster hit or kailangan ng ganito. Parang hindi lang para mag-grow ako as a person, but also to help the film industry or the people in the industry.”

Photo by Rob Reyes/Rappler

Then, he diverted the topic and talked about his latest film “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral.”

“Mailalapit ko rin sa Goyo yung buhay ko dahil sa priorities. Parang, ‘What should you prioritize in your life?’

He compared himself to Heneral Gregorio del Pilar, the character he played on the movie.

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“Parang, coming from Goyo, you get to realize… I’m sure a lot of you will realize na maiksi ang buhay. Why do we keep doing things… parang we can’t be distracted from what we really need to do or what we have to do, parang the bigger responsibilities in life?”

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