A Man Intrigued Netizens On How He Was Able To Clean Windows From Such A Great Height.

A lot of workers worldwide become subjected to harsh working condition despite all the existing labor laws we currently have established. It’s hard to find a job, and it’s hard to look for one that fits your ideal description of a job that you want to do. Even if you finish your college degree, there’s no assurance, that you’ll land your dream job.

The percentage of underpaid workers have been increasing worldwide. Year by year, large amount of people get jobs which is either not suitable for them or job that pay too low. The sad reality is that people continue to work on jobs despite the inhumane working conditions just to suffice one’s needs and to be able to have even a meager means of living.

One of the industries where underpayment exists is the construction industry. There are a lot of laborers and construction workers who continue to allow themselves to be subjected to unfair labor rules and practices just to keep their jobs which barely pays them enough to last a week. Some of these harsh conditions include, incomplete equipment, most of the times, laborers need to bring their own materials because of lack of sufficient equipment.

They are also exposed to chemicals without proper clothing and gloves on. This may cause allergy or severe body reactions. They should be better taken care of.

Lastly, they are made to climb buildings without proper safety gear or harness. A video shows a man doing some construction at a top floor. He had no safety equipment and only has some wires and ropes that’s keeping him from falling at such a great distance.

Netizens were amazed at the worker’s balance; however, a lot were also alarmed at the poor working conditions that the man is subjected to.

See video here:


Posted by Maria Anghelita on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Source: thehealthcentral

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