A Man Is Asking For Help Because Of A Rare Medical Condition That He Has For 40 Years!

Medical attention has been pricey and scarce in third world countries, such as the Philippines, and because of this a lot of people live in uncertainty and didn’t even experience visiting a medical practitioner all their lives.

While in some countries, healthcare continues to be part of everyone’s daily lives, here in the Philippines, there’s little to no attention being given to some Filipinos. Hospitals and check ups are very costly, so ordinary Filipinos would rather just spend the money for food rather than to come visit a doctor. As the population increases more and more people begin to need medical attention, but with the rise in population, access to affordable healthcare also becomes scarcer.

The government is trying to do everything to avert the problem. They have tried opening community barrios health centers and clinics. Graduates from top state sponsored medical schools were required to serve the primary years of their practice in serving these barrios, however because of low budget and simply the apathy of people, these health centers often go unchecked. Medicines are outdated and the staff is underpaid which leads them to find greener pastures.

Meet Hesus Demata, 76, who has been living with a turtle-shell like cyst at his back for 40 years now. Demata said that the growing cyst did not inconvenienced him at the early stages because it was not painful and he did not feel the need to have the cyst which started at his side neck, checked. However, as the thing increased in size, it also became too heavy for him.

People in their locality, Camarines Norte, are now looking for funds to send Hesus at the nearest hospital and help him get a checkup. The man is almost arching because of the extra hard flesh at his back.

At times like these, the community unites for the betterment of one of their own. We hope Hesus gets the treatment and medical attention that he needs as soon as possible.

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Posted by Maria Anghelita on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

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