A Restaurant In Japan Offers An Interesting Way Of Eating Noodles!

Do you want to try an extraordinary eating experience? You have got to try this unique restaurant!

We all love to eat. It’s innate for us. Either we eat for survival or we eat for leisure, there’s no denying that eating is an integral part of every human being. Eating is needed for us to be able to intake necessary vitamins and minerals that will support our body’s processes. Eating is a natural and humanly thing to do. It is a task we all love.

Although, eating is a normal thing for us to do. To be able to experience a different and new culinary discovery is also an exciting thing to think about. We are so used to eating at restaurants that we can do it blindfolded. We just need to look for a table, ask for the menu, call a waiter, order food, wait for food, then enjoy the gastronomic treat that they will serve us.

Now, an outdoor restaurant in Kyoto Japan wants to break that habit, and make our dining experience more interesting. Hirobun is a restaurant located in Kyoto in a village called Kibune. Once you go to the restaurant, be sure to order for their version of Nagashi Somen or flowing noodles. Nagashi Somen is a popular noodle commonly served cold and best eaten during summer.

During your meal, you must be quick to catch the flowing noodle from a bamboo trunk in front of you. The lightness of the noodle swiftly streams in the water, so you must really pay attention or else, you’ll miss your turn. It’s sweet flavor and light taste is a sure treat for everyone who wants to relieve themselves from the heat of the summer season.

As you enjoy the heavenly treat in front of you; you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains with small falls cascading through the rock. A sight that is truly exceptional. It makes the food all the more special and worth it.


Posted by Maria Anghelita on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Pay a trip to Hirobun and have a taste of their world famous Nagashi Somen!

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