A Waiter Was Shamed When He Tried To Stop A Famous Person From Eating At A 5 Star Restaurtant!

People often judge other people based from appearance, our story today would prove to you that we should not judge people from face value.

A Youtube influencer named Coby Persin who built his fortune from Youtube decided to try out a social experiment. He dressed as a poor man and even carried a garbage bag then proceeded to try and hitch a seat from an expensive 5 star restaurant. Naturally, there is a rule that eating establishments should not refuse customers just from face value and to not judge them just because they dress shabbily.

However, poor people seems to not be covered by this rule. When Coby arrived at the restaurant, a waiter came out to meet him, but not to invite him to eat but rather to push him away, because the restaurant is “too expensive” for him. Coby argued that he can afford it and that he is intent on eating on the said restaurant.

Instead of letting him eat, the waiter even gave out a sarcastic remark, saying that he can go eat at McDonalds, he also insisted that Coby, with his appearance cannot afford to eat at the restaurant.

Coby had enough, so he called in his friend who arrived in a premium Royce-Rolls car and he handed a leather suitcase to Coby. Coby, then opened the briefcase which contained wads of money and showed it to the waiter.

The waiter was struck and Coby told him that he can buy the restaurant and fire him. He added that he was lucky that it was just an experiment, and reminded him that pushing people away just because of their looks is a bad habit and he should be careful the next time around.

Judging people pointblank often leads to miscommunication and this can be misleading and hurtful at the same time. We should learn to go beyond looks and to communicate with empathy and care.

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Posted by Maria Anghelita on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Source: feedytv

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