Netizens Went Wild After Seeing This Boy Climb A Tree With No Effort!

As a child, especially those who grew up in tropical countries. Climbing a tree doesn’t require much effort. We see everybody do it, so it won’t be too much of a hassle, right? Or so we thought.

Apparently, climbing trees is a very unusual practice for those who grew up in first world countries, more so for those people who lived in an urban place. The reason being, simply because there are no trees to climb in their area. Trees are very rare and so they can’t really just practice climbing trees and try exploring the world from above or pick fruits to eat as a snack.

Every tree has a different difficulty level. Trees with lots of branches are easier to climb compared to trees with clean stumps, where you really need to rely on friction and upper body strength in order for you to be able to climb it. Trees have varying heights, and although it could be harder, the taller the tree is, the more satisfying it would be. It’s like you conquered a quest and was able to overcome it.

A video of a child climbing a, mind you, coconut tree went viral online. Netizens were enamored and quizzical on how the child was able to climb a coconut tree. He has no climbing support, but he made it look like a trip to the park.

The child looked like he was not bothered with the tree climbing and instead he was just passing time, he swiftly climbed the tree, and in no time, he was already at the top.

Netizens are looking for loopholes, saying that the video might have been processed or edited, because it’s out of this world to think that the child was able to climb the tree at such a fast rate.

Well, seeing how the child nonchalantly climbed it and because he looked very adamant while doing it, there’s no surprise that this tree climbing stint is legit.

See it for yourself, watch video here:

Lalaking nakatayo habang umaakyat ng puno

Astig naman ni kuya, parang naglalakad lang habang umaakyat sa puno. HAHAHAHA!

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