This Girl Was Saved From A Possible Abduction Thanks to An Important Lesson Her Mom Taught Her.

If you teach your kids to never talk to strangers, then you’re doing the right thing, if not, then it’s high time you should. As the times gets darker, we should stand ground and do everything to prevent something bad to happen to our little children.

Bad people are increasing day by day. There could be a variety of reasons why humans go bad. Some are because of the economy. Some are plagued with unstable mental health, while others just do it for personal reasons. Whatever the reason is, we should not give them the primary motive to commit negative acts.

A 7 year old child in Utah was able to save herself from a stranger who was onboarded a car and tried to bribe her with an offer of a new bicycle. Luckily, the child was oriented by her mom to never talk to strangers. The girl rushed back in to their house and told her mom about the incident.

The mom was grateful that nothing happened to her child. She did the right thing when she warned her about opportunists and strangers who are involved in illegal acts. The outcome could have been drastic, had the child accepted the stranger’s offer.

Disappearances involving children have been increasing per year. Teaching your child how to deal with strangers can do a big difference to this increasing number and might decrease it dramatically. Your child’s safety should be your top priority. Everything starts at home, so they say and if you’re child knows how to say no at the proper time, then it can be a big step to their safety.

Our child are precious gifts and we need to do everything to protect them at all costs. A few reminders will surely help them guard themselves from people who want to take advantage of them.


Posted by Maria Anghelita on Thursday, October 4, 2018

Source: Feedytv

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