Vice President Dances With Granddaughter and The Internet Is Loving It!

We often look and view politicians as official rulers of powers. They often look too formal and stern. They need to have credibility and authority and often times, it all starts with the looks and how they carry themselves.

Being a leader of a country is no joke. You consistently need to be able to make decisions no matter how hard those decisions are. You need to look at the overall picture all the time, you must not be biased and everything that you do must be for the welfare of those people whom you govern, otherwise, what’s the point in being their leader.

Politicians are often packaged as clean and righteous individuals who needs to have the capabilities and skills needed in order to govern a country. It is such a huge responsibility because there’s a whole population, a whole nation who needs you to make all the right calls at the right time or else, your failure would define you and most definitely affect the nation in the years to come.

However, times are changing and people are looking for politicians who have more humane side. We want to know how they drink their morning coffee, how they behave at home or with people whom they love. And political strategists, seem to know that. The winds of change has come and so the game is also slowly changing.

Netizens are now raving the Indonesian Vice President who let loose and danced with his granddaughter. Husain Abdullah joined his granddaughter in dancing the JK dance. The video was uploaded on social media sharing app Tik Tok and people were giddy seeing the powerful political figure have a good time with his family.

It is said that the vice president didn’t mind the video leak and instead is proud to be seen as a goofy man with his family and loved ones.

Watch video here:

dance moves

Posted by Maria Anghelita on Thursday, October 4, 2018

Source: nextshark

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