A Son Played This Funny Prank to His Mother And Netizens Find It Hilarious!

Mothers are God’s gift to mankind. Aside from the unconditional love that they have always given to us. They have also nurtured us to be the best versions of ourselves. Unkowingly mothers gave us the basic foundation of humanity. Even before we form social interactions, it is our mothers who continually trains us to be prepared in facing the real world.

Being a parent is not easy, most especially becoming a mother in a world with high expectations to being a woman. It seems like they always need to be one step ahead of everything. If we get stressed out in our daily lives today, just imagine what mothers go true, aside from being a mom, they’re also wives who need to tend to both their children and their husbands. Doing both of the same things at the same time is not only an eight hour job, it is a 24 hours, 7 days a week responsibility that they always have to carry.

Most of the times, we take them for granted. We forget all of the things they did for us and we tend to be irresponsible towards them. There are times where we get in arguments with them, without thinking that they have our best interests in mind. We tend to be more impatient with them, we’d rather spend time with our friends than our own family, because we feel guarded, even though their intentions are well and good.

However, their love is still constant for us. And sometimes, there are also loving children who’d like to play around with their mothers. Just like this guy who enjoys seeing his mother do household chores and played a fun prank for her.

As his mother was cleaning some bowls on the floor, he stacked them according to size, the mother kept on reaching for the bowl on the floor, but it is never ending because of the prank. After some time, the mother realized that he was playing a prank on her so he lovingly hit him on the head.

The video garnered a lot of reactions and views because of the funny and cute jester between the two.

Cant stop laughing. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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