Hand Wax Figures Are Hit Keepsakes For People of All Ages

As humans, we are very sentimental. We like to make memories and we like those memories to last until the end of time. Although there’s no mistaking, that there are all sorts of ways to keep memories and regain the good old days. Often, we collect memorabilia from our out of town trips or indelible occasions with family and friends.

Today, new and innovative ways are sprouting that can make these memories lasting and concrete.

They say that time is only a social construct, but as human beings we largely value time. Time is gold so we’re milking it for all its worth. Although time can be deemed as temporary, we cannot help but see just how wonderful and lovely each passing time is. We want to always spend time together with the people we love because we know that as it passes, it can never be regained.

To keep mementos, we like to acquire keepsakes. Things that came from a certain time in our past that we like to keep just for us to be able to hold the special moments in our hearts. Mementos gives us a portal back into time and makes us believe that somehow, we can still return to that special moment back in time, a time when we were happy.

Now, a new keepsake has been trending-wax hand figures. In order to make this, the person needs to dip his hands into colored wax and let it dry after a few minutes the hand is then transferred to the figure. A lot of people, especially parents and children are into this kind of thing. They like seeing the hand formed and colored with a variety of bright colors.

Wax hand figure artists usually set up a booth in fairs and other celebrations. Children and parents flock to the booth to get their hands formed and waxed. Usually the children are a little hesitant at first but they also marvel at the beauty of the formed hands whenever it’s finished.

These are keepsakes which they can keep and compare to once they reach adulthood. It’s nice to serve as a memory of their childhood and how far they have developed through the years. It’s nice to keep track of all the good things that has already happened through the years.


Posted by Maria Anghelita on Thursday, October 4, 2018

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