Plane Struck By Lightning Caught On Camera!

Travelling by airplane or through air is always an exciting thing. Airplanes are considered an item of luxury and not all people are fortunate enough to be able to travel through planes. There are a lot of people who cannot even afford to buy plane tickets and experience it even once, that’s why people often make the most out of their overseas or out of town trips.

Airplanes have among the nicest customer service in all forms of transportation. There are presentable flight attendants who will make sure that all of your needs are met and you get the best value out of the money you paid. There are also a variety of selection of food that would surely fulfill your gastronomic dreams and most of all the in-flight entertainment is complete, from fast Wi-Fi to a selection of well picked movies just for you.

Every flight is considered a wonderful experience and every trip is unforgettable. It seems that there is nothing that can ruin a trip, except for one thing, and that is bad weather.

Whenever there are typhoons or tropical storms, airplanes are the first to cancel their flights. It’s risky to let an airplane fly into open air knowing that thunder and lightning might strike it and cause it to fall down. If it does, then the lives of hundreds of people are at risk and aside from that’s an economic downfall, it can also lead to bankruptcy for the airline.

However, sometimes, there are planes who risk and endure the bad weather, such as this plane who got hit by lightning and was caught in video. The image was very clear as the lightning struck the middle part of the plane. Luckily it didn’t break right there and then, but moments later, one can see that the plane was having an instant landing.

Watch video here:


Posted by Maria Anghelita on Friday, October 5, 2018

Source: Feedytv

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