This Man Is Able To Push Down Bottom Parts of Glass Bottles With Just A Tap of His Hand!

We all dream to be superheroes. There’s something about them that we find so attracting. Through the years, more and more heroes have been introduced in the comics and was made more visually appealing through movies. Superheroes somehow gives us hope and inspiration to become better people in our own right.

However, there are people who walk among us that can already be considered superheroes. No, not the corny type. People who through some strength training and core training was able to do things other people would not be able to do. They can be considered as real life superhumans who are truly fascinating and talented at the same time. How do they get these abilities? We don’t know but one thing’s for sure, they have established themselves as a cut above the rest!

Usually, these people gain popularity and become celebrities. There’s even a group called Guiness who compiles the profiles and achievements of these outstanding people and personality as they are hailed the greatest in their fields. But we bet, despite all of this you have never heard of Bottle Man.

Well, it’s time you get to know him. This incredible man was able to make a talent of what could be perceived otherwise as a mundane task. Breaking bottles was never a thing, but this man hyped it.

In a viral Facebook video, this man is able to cleanly put off the bottom of glass bottles through intense smacking the lip of the bottle. He did it several times on bottles of different sizes and volume, and he was able to accomplish the task successfully.

A lot of netizens were impressed with his skills and are wondering how he was able to practice that kind of talent without getting bruises. His video now has a lot of views and reactions.

Watch video here:

WoW 😯😱

Posted by Maria Anghelita on Saturday, October 6, 2018

Source: Facebook

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