A man taking care of his mother recevied opposing reactions from netizens!

Nowadays, it is common to read stories involving children who resent their parents and cause them unbearable sorrow. We are called the privileged generation, and yet it seemed like more and more from our generation forgot how to value our parents and instead, we treat them with respite.

It’s no secret that there are parents who love their children unconditionally, this is a proven fact. The numerous years of their life which they unselfishly shared with us is a testament to how loving and caring our parents really are. The moment we were born into this world until we reach the very end of it, our parents dedicated a huge chunk of their lives to ensure that we have the best quality of living that they are able to give.

There are some who do the most unimaginable sacrifices. They go through risky situations and beyond just to give us all of our needs. There is no measure to a parents’ love, so they say. And it is true, the thing is we think that it is just right that they do all of these things and so we don’t see it as a huge deal.

However, this man who became viral when he posted a video of him paying all of the effort back to his mother. His inspiring gesture of helping his ailing paren take a bath captured the netizens’ heartss and of course, showed us the very essence of being a loving son to his parents, or in this case his mother.

The man took his time to make sure that his mother enjoyed the cool waters and didn’t show any signs of being impatient or disgusted. Instead, he followed his motehr’s pace and even sat her down so that she could be more comfortable. You can see in the video how intent he was in making sure that his mother would live a quality life despite her old age and failing body.

A lot of netizens paid salute to this loving son and they said that they also hope that when the time comes, they would also have children who’ll do the same thing for them. They said that no matter how hard it is, they can still see their sons and daughters become a good person just like this man.

However, there are others who as the maxim says, saw the glass half empty and rattled that the mother was cold for a long time and this is bad for her. They argued that because of her old age, it is no longer approproate for her to stay in such a cold and wet place for such a long time.


Posted by Maria Anghelita on Sunday, October 7, 2018

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