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Miracle baby

Are miracles real?

Many people today are familiar with miracle stories in the Bible — the parting of a sea, water turned to wine, and, most frequently in the New Testament, healings, even of blindness, leprosy, and the reversal of the people who is no longer living.

Yet it is not just people in the first century who have believed in miracles. Various polls peg U.S. belief in miracles at roughly 80 percent. One survey suggested that 73 percent of U.S. physicians believe in miracles, and 55 percent claim to have personally witnessed treatment results they consider miraculous.

And then recently a miraculous scene happened in the Philippines. A 3-year-old girl is suffering from a severe fever for day and was taken into the hospital on Friday. She was presumed to be dead after 24 hours on Saturday, July 12.

After what happened, her family immediately arranged the interment of the baby girl in the church of Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines for the priest to manage the last sacrament.

While they having the mass, a relative of the child heard a movement and noticed something strange to the coffin they lifted the lid of the coffin and saw the little girl’s head move.

The child was hurriedly lifted out of the coffin, seeming weak but breathing. Everyone couldn’t believe what their eyes saw before this “miracle”.

The father of the baby girl immediately grabbed her and give her a tight hug.

Everyone who watched the video is shocked as they see the baby who is no longer living comes back in her life. It is really a miracle, maybe God has more plans for this baby girl and more plans to her family.

Miracle Baby!

Posted by Fred Otero on Sunday, October 7, 2018

I’m hoping for the baby’s health to be better because it is really heartbreaking for the family seeing their child who is no longer breathing. God is really good for not taking the child from her family at the very early age. Let us value ourselves for God because we only borrowed this life from him and He wants us to take care of it. Miracles are real, because we have God in our lives. Keep believing in Him and have faith.

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