Man sits on Air and Intrigues Netizens!

A big chunk of our population is very entertained by magic. People of all ages watch it in shows, may it be during kiddie parties during game time, or more complicated stunts like Penn and Teller Fool Us, or David Blaine. Besides from it being immensely amusing there is also a psychology to why we love magic tricks!

One contributing factor is delight. You know how infants can play peek-a-boo for hours straight without getting bored? It’s because the kid cant get his heard around how you are able to “magically appear” and disappear. Everytime you say peek-a-boo, he laughs with delight. Even though this gets lost to us as we get older, in its other forms we are still pretty much delighted. For example, when cards disappear right in front of our eyes our interests get piqued especially if it appears in a glass case that had been in our view the entire time. Another is superiority. This could be surprising, but the logic behind is that we have a tendency to believe our opinions or speculations are better than others. If you can figure it out, they know how you do that — or then they’d like to think!

Most people are familiar with Julius Dein with “flying in the street,” in this article however he shows us a whole different new trick! Ever intriguing, Julius appeared to sit on his suitcase on one side of a random road. Somebody then, swifted his suitcase away from him. But he didn’t fall, in fact he was still sitting the same way except then he was sitting in the air and reading a newspaper! Passersbys who saw this began to observe the whole thing curiously and were unable to decipher how Julius could have sat that way. The man even moved his leg towards the empty air to find nothing. Several people followed suit but came out empty handed because Julius was still sitting in apparent air. How confusing.

The answer in short is, he technically wasn’t. He was in fact sitting down a chairless chair that was hidden inside his clothes. The chair is made exclusively for employees who have to work very long hours, so that they could be able to sit without affecting their work. The company that makes it is called “Noone” and hails from Switzerland.

The chair is made of aluminum and carbon fiber that is attached to the frame for the waist and thigh. It supports the body. The “magic device” weighs a whopping 2 kg and is used 24 hours a day with a 6 volt battery. With a push of a single button, the people will then be allowed to sit back and relax!

Wow magic 😱😱😱

Posted by Maria Anghelita on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

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Source: Feedytv

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